• Letter from CSI to A+E Networks re Jeff Hawkins
    October 24, 2016

    October 24, 2016

    Mr. Paul Buccieri
    A+E Television Networks
    235 E. 45th Street
    New York, NY 10017

    Via Federal Express

    Re: Church of Scientology, Slauson Productions series/Jeff Hawkins

    Dear Mr. Buccieri:

    This marks the 10th time I have written to A+E and Slauson Productions with a simple request to meet to ensure the program you are producing with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on the Church of Scientology is fair and balanced. I can provide information as to the credibility of your sources and help ensure the program’s accuracy. It would be reckless for you to air provable lies by disregarding the facts.

    One of the sources we understand you are planning to use for your program is Jeff Hawkins, an obsessed anti-Scientologist who was expelled from the Church more than a decade ago for unsavory personal conduct as well as a long record of malfeasance as a staff member.

    Hawkins worked as a copywriter at Golden Era Productions in the Church’s central marketing department. His long history of dishonesty, underhanded activities against his fellow staff, constant failures to keep his commitments, poor writing and bad planning resulted in continual reprimands that required him to improve his performance or be dismissed. In a sworn affidavit, Hawkins later confessed he sabotaged Church dissemination programs, which in turn was harmful to the propagation of the religion.

    In 2004, Hawkins hit a new low when his personal life imploded after his then-wife Catherine Fraser discovered his long-term, hidden out-of-control sexual deviancy, conduct so egregious it destroyed their marriage. When describing that painful episode in her life, Ms. Fraser said: “I was utterly shocked and hurt beyond repair by the activities my husband had been involved in. I told him it was over between us. He looked at me, nodding his understanding and said he understood. You have to look at a man’s actions to know whether he is telling you the truth. If a man can do the things he did to me—there is no question that kind of man would lie to anyone about anything.”

    Perhaps you should ask Jeff Hawkins about it. He knows the real reasons. Hawkins simultaneously destroyed his marriage and his relationship with those he worked with. If he is trying to represent anything other than his own actions caused this to happen, then he is lying.

    But lying is nothing new for Hawkins, who has been a discredited anti-Scientology media source for years. His fabricated stories about having been a victim of violence as a staff member were debunked more than a decade ago. Not once did he produce independent witnesses, police reports, medical reports, photos or anything else to corroborate his tales—not one shred of evidence. He has been making up stories to justify his malfeasance and incompetence.

    On the contrary, numerous observers refuted his manufactured allegations which Hawkins attempted to peddle to media with an agenda. His former boss described Hawkins’ allegations as “patently false and slanderous.”

    In addition, you will find that the bitterness of Jeff Hawkins is grounded in his own abysmal failures as a Church staff member. One of his superiors when he was in the Church said this of Hawkins: “Jeff was very hard to get to work with. Always complaining. Always problematic. Just on another agenda. He wasted millions of dollars of Church finances through his incompetence.”

    Combined with his perverted sexual activities, all of this explains in a nutshell why he was dismissed. Any other version of events he tells is false.

    Notably, Hawkins’ views of his life while he was still in the Church are 180 degrees from how he now describes it to the media.

    “It is an ideal working environment,” he once wrote of the Church’s Golden Era Productions studio in Riverside County. “Out of the pollution and congestion of Los Angeles, a safe environment in which to live and work … Living and working here has been the happiest and most fulfilling time of my life.”

    But rather than get on with his life after his dismissal from the Church, Hawkins dedicated himself to spreading hate about his former religion. Shortly after being expelled, he created an anonymous website to pressure and harass others to turn against Scientology, in essence becoming an online deprogrammer using lies in an unsuccessful effort to get others to abandon their faith.

    As Ms. Fraser, who knew her former husband better than anyone, stated: “Trusting Jeff Hawkins is a big mistake. Once you promote him as one who speaks the truth, you destroy the truth for the rest of us.”

    This information is being provided here so that you and your viewers will have the truth.

    As I expressed in my earlier letters, I feel it would be very worthwhile to schedule a brief meeting where we can discuss issues that are extremely relevant to your program. I am available at your convenience.


    Karin Pouw

    cc: Ms. Nancy Dubuc, CEO A+E Networks

    White paper on Jeff Hawkins