• Jeff Hawkins Deposition

    Suppressive Person

    In his deposition on June 10, 2010, Jeff Hawkins admits he was found to be a suppressive person by an ecclesiastical justice body, although he has publicly denied it ever happened.


    Q: I am going to mark this as exhibit 508. I’ll give your lawyer a copy as well. And why don’t you take a moment to look at that document. My question is going to be, is the signature on the fifth and last page of Exhibit 508 your signature?

    A: Yes.

    Q: And is this entire document written in your handwriting?

    A: It is.

    Q: And this was a document which you wrote in February of 2005, correct?

    A: That’s correct.

    Q: And does this document refresh your memory that prior to writing it, you had been found to be a suppressive person?

    A: I had been informed that I was a suppressive person.